Guidelines for the community

Spitch allow anyone to share their thoughts and opinions. Questions and answers sharing answers in a story that is taking place. Here are some guidelines for Spitch to remain both open and safe: Do not publish pornographic or overtly sexual content. Do not publish content explicitly believed to encourage violent, illegal or dangerous activities. Respect others. Have proper behavior. Do not harass and publish confidential and private information of others. Do not impersonate someone else to mislead or mislead users. Do not spam. Have fun and be honest with others. Periscope reserves the right to authorize sensitive content in the fields of sport, science, education or any of your passions. Please bear in mind that Spitch should not be used for illegal purposes or for the illegal activities.

Private informations

Please respect the privacy of others. Do not publish the private or confidential information of another person. For example:

Credit card details

Social security numbers or other national identity numbers Personal telephone numbers and email addresses Intimate videos or photos taken or broadcast without the consent of the subject Videos or images considered and treated as private under the laws in force

Contact Information

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